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About us

Clanrye Group will support people to make positive changes to improve their lives.

We will empower individuals and families to constructively contribute to the economy and the community in which they live.

Clanrye Group’s vision is that the communities in which we operate will benefit from a highly skilled and dedicated team with excellent support for those in the community who need it most. It will be a place where the people we support are challenged and stretched to be the best they can be, to strengthen skills, increase employability and improve the quality of life for all.


Our Social Enterprise

It's only by taking part in practical activities and putting newly learned theory to the test that each participant feels fully confident in their own ability. Social Enterprise activities form an integral part of each participants journey no matter what programme they are taking part in or what vocational area they are specialising. 

At ‘Grow’, we plant, care for, and grow trees and shrubs as gifts for celebrations as well as a memory of loved ones who have passed. Our programme not only focuses on a product but also on improving the lives of our participants within Clanrye Group and the community, helping anyone, regardless of disability, age, race or culture.  We use gardening to develop physical and mental health, to learn a new skill, to engage with others and to be creative in the outdoor world. 

To find out more about Clanrye Group and our services please visit or click on the below link. 

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